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"There is nothing like making that perfect turn in a Giant Slalom race, the acceleration and G-force against your body. They tell me it’s sort of like racing a car. Man, would I love to try it in an Audi!!!!!"


I began skiing at the Georgian Peaks Ski Club on the Niagara Escarpment in Ontario, Canada the winter I turned three.  We had a pair of small fun skis that I loved, but I quickly graduated to real skis. Those little skis were passed on to my cousin, brother and several friends as start-off skis.  My mom says it was a matter of days on snow and I was off with my dad yelling turn, turn, turn as I made my way (barrelled) down Minute Mile with my Uncle Donny and Aunt Shelley in front and behind.   Bodyguards, if you will!


Skiing is a family tradition and my Aunt Judy (CAST 1967-1974), Uncles Donny, Sandy and Cameron and my dad, Angus were all racers.   Many of my cousins gave it a go as well, with two younger cousins still involved in the Northern Ontario Division.   It is what we do as a family.  My Aunt Alex Scott moved out to Whistler many years ago and now we spend quite a bit of time there.  My Brother Jack skied out of Whistler Mountain Ski Club and spent the last two years at school there as well.  He is now on the Canadian Men's Development Team


Up until I was about 14 years old, I was a multi-disciplined athlete, competing at the Novice level in Figure Skating with the venerable Mrs. Ellen Burka and Marie Jonsson.  I loved them and skating, but competing didn't do anything for me.  Shyness ruled the day and I made the choice to concentrate on skiing.     I believe that skating made me a much better skier and gave me an understanding of edging, balance and where my body is in the air.    I also did school level track and field and did quite well in high-jump and sprints.


I have had many great opportunities and experiences competing in Provincial and National Finals, Whistler Cup in 2007 and 2009, the Canada Winter Games 2011 in Halifax, US National Juniors in 2011 at Sugarloaf, Maine, Canadian Championships, US championships, NorAm Championships, European FIS races, European Cup races, World FIS Junior World Championships as part of Team Canada and in 2014/15 I started my first World Cup, qualified for the World Alpine FIS Championships in Vail/Beavercreek, winning a silver medal in the Team event and was North American Cup Overall Women's Champion.


I have met so many good people, as well as my closest friends as part of Georgian Peaks in particular and racing in general.  There are many coaches that were involved in forging my love for skiing and racing and for coaching me so well.  I have also had the opportunity to do my fitness training with some incredible people, Dr. Frank Pasztor, Stefan Overgaard, FITS Toronto with Dr. Lam and his great crew and with the Canadian National Team Fitness Coaches.  Without the support of family and friends, my journey would certainly have been much more difficult. 



Candace Crawford is a Canadian Alpine Skier who competes on the World Cup circuit in Slalom and Giant Slalom as part of the Canadian Alpine Ski Team.

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25th - 2018 World Olympics Giant Slalom

3rd & 2nd - 2015 Copper Mountain NorAm GS

4th - 2015 Panorama Super G

2nd - 2015 Panorama Alpine Combined

2nd – Fis Ski World Championships Team Event.

2014/2015 Season Overall Nor-Am Winner.

2014/2015 GS, SL, SC Overall Nor-Am Winner.

2013/2014 GS Overall. 

Super-G National Champ.

25th- Kuehtai Fis World Cup 2015.




  • Speed is your friend and speed is exhilarating.

  • Mentally skiing is about getting into that space where you know that you can win. Getting to that space takes time, patience and a calm attitude for me. Because I ski my best when I am both calm and nervous. I guess you could say it’s a nervous calm. I’m an item.

  • Ski racing is about visualizing time and again about having that perfect run and how amazing it item..feels

  • Skiing is about getting to a place where everything comes together and mistakes are rarely made.

  • The key to future and ongoing success is definitely being consistent.


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